LEGO Escalator by Takanori Hashimoto

LEGO and LEGO Technic, when combined, can recreate almost anything, but I bet you never knew you could build a working, miniature escalator with LEGO too. Such was exactly what Japanese GBC builder, Takanori Hashimoto, did back in 2016. GBC, for the uninitiated, is Great Ball Contraptions. GBC is complex and often massive LEGO build designed with the sole intention of moving tiny balls around.

In addition to mind-boggling GBC, Takanori Hashimoto also builds LEGO MOC and the aforementioned escalator, dubbed T036 M LEGO Escalator3, was one of those non-GBC build. Man, it was a build so impressive that it would be a crime not to share it here even though it is more than three years old. Speaking of three years old. Hashimoto had, in 2018, updated to an improved version called T037 M LEGO Escalator3.

T037 has smoother motion – thanks to an improved drive unit and guide rail. It may not be as buttery smooth like a real escalator, but it is as far as LEGO goes. Anyways, go ahead and let yourself mesmerized by this intricate LEGO machinery at work. You can also check out this creative LEGO builder’s other works at his YouTube channel, Flickr page, and if you read Japanese, keep abreast of his whatever things at his blog HERE.

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Images: YouTube (Takanori Hashimoto).

Source: Facebook (@LEGO).