Keyport SLIDE keychain now gets a new LED light blade

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keys – essential items that we can’t live without. we have it for our house, rooms, cars, stores et cetera. it can be quite a frustrating experience to be handling so many of them in a bunch, making you look like a prison warden. KeyPort aims to solve our woes in this respect with its SLIDE, an universal key fob that reduces the clutter associated with numerous keys. each KeyPort SLIDE consolidates up to six keys into a compact box similar in size to a box of Tic Tacs.

KeyPort SLIDE keeps your keys tucked away within the compact box, until you need to access them. SLIDE uses KeyPort’s Blades which are keys with custom reduced key heads, enabling them to fit into the SLIDE. the SLIDE can also hold your auto’s key, however, that might require some chipping as some auto keys are chipped for security purpose. key is not the only item that the SLIDE is useful for. if you don’t have that many keys, you could easily accessorize the other free slots in your SLIDE with bottle opener, USB Flash Drive or the all-new LED Light Blade.

we find the LED light particularly useful as it could lend you a little light when unlocking in the dark. of course, these are options which would have additional cost on top of the standard bundle’s $79 price tag. a standard bundle for the SLIDE comes with six color nodes, six KeyPort blades and a detachable lanyard. KeyPort SLIDE is available via KeyPort web store.

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