seeing green could be history for night vision camera

AIST Color Night Vision Camera 544px
(image credit: DIGINFO)

for those who have used night vision capable video camera would be familiar with the green footages associated with it. however, the green footages could be a thing of the past with the newly developed color night vision technology that lets the camera sees red, blue and green objects using highly sensitive infrared photography technology. developed by AIST, this new technology would no doubt benefit a wide spectrum of field, including security and wildlife observation.

in term of security application, footages from this new night vision technology could let investigators easily identify the perpetrator’s clothing or automobile color, which at the present moment, are all in greenish perspective. this would means more accurate identification and hopefully, an earlier arrest of the culprits. the continual research and product development will be carried out by Nanolux Research, an AIST venture for technology transfer.

AIST has planned for a more compact and higher performance, commercial version camera based on this new development and it will try to make this new night vision camera less expensive then the current security cameras in the market.

DigiInfo TV via DVICE

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