Before you get ga-ga over the BMW Motorrad Vision RC Roadster, you ought to know that it is still, well, a vision. This means, it is not something you can buy yet and this also means that it lacks technical details. Now that we have gotten any potential false hope out of the way, lets get on with the main event. So then, what is the BMW Motorrad Vision RC Roadster? Simply put, it is a peek into BMW Motorrad’s vision of electric bike.

BMW Motorrad Vision RC Roadster

The idea is to retain, for as much it can, the recognizable form of BMW Motorrad, but with an electric drivetrain. Where the fossils fuel engine used to be, it now has stacks of battery and a cylinder-shaped electric motor which is connected directly to the universal (drive) shaft.

BMW Motorrad Vision RC Roadster is contract with materials like carbon fiber and aluminum to keep the weight down and also for aesthetic. The latter is much of the emphasis in the press release which we shan’t dig into. I find it (the text) too much of a marketing talk. I mean, you already can see what you need to see.

BMW Motorrad Vision RC Roadster

We would love to know the technical specs, but that, unfortunately, isn’t available at the time of this writing. Though there is something that deserve a mention and that’s the fluorescent elements flanking the Metzeler made-for-Vision Bike tires.

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Each fluorescent element is about size of a postage stamp serve as visible cue of the bike’s presence in the dark, as well as conveying dynamics when in motion. Nothing groundbreaking, really, but I just thought it is kind of cool. Anyways, we shall leave you in the good company of some awesome photos and a promo video, courtesy of BMW AG.

All images courtesy of BMW AG.

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