Bathrobe is an after shower wear that’s kind of equivalent to undergarment. Really, you won’t wear a bathrobe after gym, at the pool, or at the beach. Hell, you won’t even want to wear it to pick up the paper from the lawn, and you most certainly won’t be in a bathrobe when you are picking up a coffee around the block. At least, not for dudes. In short, bathrobe of today is gender biased and that kind of sucks. Thankfully, that is about to change because there is a thing called DudeRobe. DudeRobe is exactly what it says it is; it is a (bath)robe designed specifically for dudes and one that actually won’t make you look like you are wearing a dress, so your muscularity is saved.

DudeRobe Towel-Lined Lounging Apparel For MenNot looking like a dress is just part of the story. What makes DudeRobe really cool, if not the coolest, is it totally fit for outdoor, in full view of everyone including your favorite barista. How? Well, instead looking like you are draped in a towel, DudeRobe features a towel-lined inside to do what a bathrobe does, I.e absorbing sweat and moisture, but on the outside, premium sweatshirt material lends it a streetwear cred. Bam! The best of many worlds! And you will thank yourself too cos’ you will never be too afraid to look into the mirror every time you put on a robe and you will never question you muscularity again, ever. This is probably best fashion innovation since romper for grown-ass men.

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If you are up for it, you maybe interested to know that DudeRobe comes in several styles for you to mix and match. Yup. You heard that right. Bathrobe, mix and match. It is available as a quarter zip hoodie, classic robe-style with hoodie to boot, as well as matching shorts and pants, for those who are feeling modest about showing off their thighs/legs. You get the choice navy blue and heather gray. DudeRobe Towel-Lined Lounging Apparel For Men can acquired as a pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at $49. DudeRobe is a very dude thing and so, not surprisingly, the campaign is already well over its set funding goal and what this means is, if everything thing goes as planned, you should be receiving your the world’s manliest bathrobe sometime this October.

Image: DudeRobe.

A huge thanks to Lizzie for sending this hat tip to us!

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