Isukebo: a perfect mashup of a skateboard and a chair

Isukebo Kyattofutto 450x508px
(credit: Isukebo) Isukebo Kyattofutto | ¥52,800.00 |

Isukebo is the result of fusing skateboard into a chair design. no kidding and it looks pretty awesome too. ok, it is awesome. created by Japan-based custom skateboard maker, RollingFoot, the Isukebo has seat and back made out of skateboard deck material and has skateboard wheels. hmmm, interesting. i wonder if i can change the some racing ball bearing or something? it is essentially a chair, however if you like, you can roll it around with your feet just like you would with your ordinary office chair, but it has a bonus: it can turn by shifting your body weight to either side, just like what you will do on a skateboard – except that you will be seating down instead of standing.

obviously, ollie and rail grind are out of question but it sure look damn cool – cool including the price of ¥52,800 (about US$658). sadly, this is only available if you live in Japan or happen to have a few weeks to spend there, cos it’s going take up to two weeks for delivery. if the Isukebo Kyattofutto is not your cup of English Breakfast, there is also a more comfy looking black & yellow Zaisukebo for your taking at the same price. needless to say, Zaisukebo is my personal choice. check out a short and humorous intro video after the break.

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RollingFoot [JP] via CrunchGear

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