Airbus envisions transparent aircraft for air travel in 2050

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(credit: Airbus S.A.S)

if you have an inherent fear for flying, then this concept pitched by Airbus is not going to make you feel any better. ahead of the upcoming Paris Airshow, Airbus unveiled the concept cabin of how we will travel in year 2050 – that is an aircraft constructed of bionic structure that mimics bird bones thus allowing for a lighter weight structure and open panoramic views – essentially making it transparent. well, more or less. however, the highlight is of course its amenities that will change the way we travel.
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come 2050, Airbus believes traditional cabin classes will be replaced by personalized zones that offer tailored levels of experience. the proposed experiences may include interactive conference for busy bees, enjoying a game of virtual golf and even reading the kids back home a bedtime story and there are even morphing seats (see illustration after the break) that can harvest passenger’s body heat to power the aircraft systems such as the holographic pop-up pods. sounds a little far-fetched? well, between now and then is a good 40 years, and judging from recent progress in technology, this could very well be a reality in 2050.

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you can find out more about Airbus’s vision for further air travel at The Future By Airbus or read the full press release here.

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