Amazing LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon From 2015 Got Updated

Not sure if you remember the 7,500-piece LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon by Hannes Tscharner, AKA Marshall Banana, we saw in 2015. That LEGO MOC of one of the most iconic Star Wars spaceships absolutely blew my mind and now, he has done it yet again. In his relentless pursuit for a movie-accurate LEGO Millennium Falcon, […]

Custom LEGO Millennium Falcon Made LEGO UCS Set Looks Puny

So you think LEGO UCS Star Wars Millennium Falcon is huge? Well, it was, until LEGO enthusiast Marshal Banana’s creation comes along. So, yes. Another person has recreated the iconic Millennium Falcon using the world’s most famous plastic bricks, but Marshal’s work of art is not just another modified Corellian YT-300 Light Freighter. His is […]