What has female products like tampons have to do with a tech culture and lifestyle stuff blog? Nothing, really, but it is certainly has everything to do with April Fools and at the same time, the item in question here, Manpons (yes! manpons!), is not quite a joke either. Complicated? Quite, but allow me to explain. It is said that men are 96 percent more likely to get laid if they are confident enough to buy tampons. Ok, no. That’s not true. We are really just bullshitting you, but if you do that, I am sure some girls will probably be impressed. Just some.

Manpons are tampons for ladies’ use and while it is designed with the desire to get men more involved in the conversation about periods and women’s health, it is Conscious Period, the company behind ‘manpons’, desire to leverage on April Fools to let tampon users on some important information. Here’s the gist of the motive:

“Commercial tampons are riddled with synthetic fibers and potentially toxic ingredients. The FDA doesn’t require manufacturers to label ingredients, so most women have no idea what they’re putting into their bodies. Conscious Period tampons are made out of 100% organic cotton — no synthetics, no dyes, no bullshit.”

It is actually clever marketing strategy, if you ask me. How do you say this? Making a joke out of something on an internationally recognized prank day to only know that it is a not quite a joke can be of some shock value to it. You get what I mean? “Because it’s still a foreign topic for most men, we thought April Fool’s Day would be a lighthearted way to do it,” said Conscious Period.

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And yes, manpons are real, but they are not actually tampons for men (but you already knew that right?). They just has a packaging that encourage men to pick up a box or two for the ladies of their life. Also, while the launch date is on April 01, coinciding with April Fools’ Day, these manpons are very real and can be acquired for $8.50 per box from Conscious Period’s website, so you can avoid the awkward in-store checkout experience.

Images: Conscious Period.

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