This Small Mesh Pad Will Prevent Men’s Piss From Going Places

Men. You know how some urinals has a “fly” graphic and/or a smell-suppressing urinal mat in the urinal? The “fly” is there to get you to ‘aim’ correctly to prevent, you know, the pee from splashing around. The mat sometimes serve double duty to prevent the same mess from happening.

Someone Actually Had A Custom Urinal In The Form Of A Venus Fly Trap

Any man with a sound mind will not want his man-meat anywhere near a Venus fly trap even if it poses no real danger to human’s bodily parts. But ask Oto Cadsky, he kind of love the idea, or at least that’s what we believe he dig. I mean, seriously. How else do explain why […]

Urinal That Looks Like A Beer Keg Is A Must-Have For Any Man Cave!

Attention! Dudes who live and breathe beer! If your man cave has a bathroom, the Stainless Steel Beer Keg Urinal from Etsy seller HammeredInTime is the novelty toilet you need to have. I mean, seriously, man cave is synonymous with foosball table, dart game, pinball machines, cosy couches, and at least one bar with bar […]

Urinal That Play Ads While You Pee Is A Sign Of Advertising Apocalypse

In case you are wondering, this urinal with built-in video screen does not serve as interactive target for Stormtrooper pisser. They are for ads. What??? Yes. Men, your safe haven from the world of ads have finally met its demise. The public restroom will not be spared from the onslaught of advertising either. But we […]

Conscious Period’s “Tampons For Man” Set To Be Available On April 1st

What has female products like tampons have to do with a tech culture and lifestyle stuff blog? Nothing, really, but it is certainly has everything to do with April Fools and at the same time, the item in question here, Manpons (yes! manpons!), is not quite a joke either. Complicated? Quite, but allow me to […]

What??? This Luxurious Victorian Style Chair Is Actually a Toilet In Disguise?

With times we have accepted the fact the toilet has to be in the house instead of an outhouse and with that acceptance, we have also grown accustomed to the having a white porcelain throne within our bathroom, well, unless you are Donald Trump, then you probably have a gold one instead. However, if that […]