TANDEM Urinal – it’s an urinal, but it is also a sink

TANDEM Urinal-Sink by Kaspars Jursons 544x688px
dudes. all of us washes our hands after doing our pee thing, right? it’s a personal hygiene thing that should be done without anyone telling you to do so, right? since washing our hands after our deed is inevitable (well, at least for the majority of us) why not use the water that you rinse your hands to clear the urinal bowl as well? it will saves you the trouble of waiting to wash your hands if all the basin are occupied since every user will have their own sink right in front of them. this also translates to efficiency. yes, efficiency even when you are hitting the toilet. gosh. what’s the world becoming of today? in essence, the TANDEM Urinal – Sink designed by Kaspars Jursons, saves water, time and space. as a dude representing the men folks (who washes their hands), i say get it made!

STAND via Yanko Design

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