give your bump a luxurious treat with Kohler Numi toilet

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(credit: Kohler) Kohler NUMI | US$6,400.00 |

the beauty of the open market is that it has every kind of product of varying price range to suit a person’s needs. this statement applies to toilet bowl as well. in this case, what we see here is a $6,400 Numi toilet that comes with some high-tech functionality. the Numi is both a toilet and a bidet with sensor-based automatic retract system. with a price like that you are right to think that there are more features than that. indeed it is more than meets the eye. beside sporting an electrically operated cover and heated seat that opens and closes automatically, it also features a self-cleaning wand for the bidet that has multiple options for water spray pattern. this bidet wand’s position is adjustable, while water pressure and temperature can be also customize to your bump’s liking.
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beside keeping your tush warm, the vents at the base of the toilet pushes out warm air to keep the surface around your feet warm too. hence, no more shivering while you go about doing your business in those long cold winter. the toilet comes with illuminated panels that act as an ambient lighting in case you are more comfortable doing your business in the dark. it even comes with a touchscreen remote that lets you play music, control the intensity of the flush et cetera. it can even play music from a remote docking station, if the built-in music or FM radio does not appeal to you. aesthetically, it looks totally radical compared to today’s toilet design with its clean, square-ish design.

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you can own a piece of this toilet technological marvel this fall for just $6,400.

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