Xiaomi’s New Smart Toilet Seat Will Not Let You Sit On It For More Than 30 Mins

Good news, folks. You don’t need to have $7,500 to own a smart toilet because, Xiaomi will have you covered. That’s right. Xiaomi, the soon-to-be-listed China tech company, AKA master of mixed goods/gadgets, also makes toilet seat that will turn your toilet experience into a smart experience. Apparently dubbed Xiaomi Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat, […]

What??? This Luxurious Victorian Style Chair Is Actually a Toilet In Disguise?

With times we have accepted the fact the toilet has to be in the house instead of an outhouse and with that acceptance, we have also grown accustomed to the having a white porcelain throne within our bathroom, well, unless you are Donald Trump, then you probably have a gold one instead. However, if that […]