Limited Edition EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Book

(image: eVolo) Limited Edition EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Book (Hardcover) | US$120.00 |

architecture fans looking for the perfect coffee table are in for a treat. eVolo, an architecture and design journal, has announced the Limited Edition EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Book (Hardcover). the book covers 300 outstanding projects selected from the eVolo Skyscraper Competition held over the last six years. the 300 featured projects are present to readers and collectors in a glorious, juggernaut 1224 full-color pages hardcover book. ok, maybe a thousand plus pages can’t be considered as a coffee table book but it is nevertheless a perfect book for architecture enthusiasts with special interest in skyscraper concepts that utilizes new technologies, materials, spatial organizations and unconventional aesthetics. only 500 copies of the Limited Edition EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Book (Hardcover) will be made available with a price tag of $120 each. 500 is not a big number, so you better act fast if you want one.
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