Fashion and food do not quite mix. Then again, since when has that notion stop Oreo from going Supreme and now, getting its name on flip flops? What you see here is the Havaianas Top flip flops cobranded with everyone’s favorite cookie, Oreo.

Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops

Save for the ridiculous price it can fetch, we can still accept Supreme Oreo for what it is, but putting a cookie on your feet, even though not literally, is kind of weird.

However, if you so dig Oreo, then this pair of slippers is for you. As a bonus, the Oreo cookie loving you will be glad that it has actual chocolate-scented straps. Not like you will pick up and intentionally get a whiff… though I suspect now you might because now you know.

Anyhoo, I guess the Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops is good for those who love to have their feet smelly all chocolaty? Assuming that smell of the feet hasn’t already overpowered that sweet chocolate smell.

Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops

Beyond the gimmicky, not-sure-how-long-it-will-last chocolate smell straps, the Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops is actually a pretty cool looking Oreo-themed open footwear.

It has blue straps – a color closely associated with the brand and a midsole/footbed with an illustration of the seaside, complete with a beach umbrella and an ocean of milk with, you guessed it, Oreos.

Another design highlight would be the side of the midsole that has a black-and-white profile that recalls the side view of the cookie.

Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops

Oreo x Havaianas Top OREO-scented Flip Flops is available now as we speak from for US$34.

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Also available is a pair of Oreo Printed Toe Socks (US$18) and an Oreo Earphone Case (US$22) – in case anyone is down for a complete Oreo look. Now, we wait for an Oreo costume…

Oreo Printed Toe Sock
Oreo Earphone Case

Images: Havaianas [US].

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