Guillermo del Toro Action Figure

Usually, fictional characters get to be immortalized as action figures, but today, Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is getting his very own. Guillermo del Toro may not have directed a lot movies compared to other A-list directors, but each and every film he produced, directed and/or wrote was not only a hit, but has attained somewhat of a cult status. My most fond memories were no doubt 1993’s Cronos and Pan’s Labyrinth from 2006.

Guillermo del Toro Action Figure

Guillermo del Toro Action FigureBoth films were arguably ahead of its time in terms concept, design and overall execution. Anywho, for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, NECA has elected to honor this filmmaker with this 8-inch tall action figure. Guillermo del Toro Action Figure features the man himself wearing the familiar glasses, trademark facial hair, all-black fabric apparels and around 24 points of articulation. The figure comes with a miniature copy of his Pan’s Labyrinth journal that opens to a page showing the Mandrake Root and the Pale Man designs, as well as a cardboard backdrop to spruce up the display.

This being a NECA thing, don’t expect it to be of exceeding likeness or ultimate collector equality. While Toy Ark lauded its the head sculpt to the director’s, I don’t quite see it that way. Moreover, from what we can see, the clothes are rather ill fitting – an unavoidable issue due to the thickness of the cloth. Still, it will make a good collectible and a nice addition to your all-thing Guillermo del Toro collections. But…

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There is just one problem: only 2,000 of these are being made and fans already had the opportunity to pre-order the figure a few weeks ago, and so, getting may be a problem if you are non heading to SDCC. You can read a review of it and see more photos on Toy Ark.

Guillermo del Toro Action Figure

Photos: Toy Ark.

Toy Ark via Kotaku.