SIM on Stork GPS Tracker Stolen to Make Calls

You know how scientists and researchers use SIM-enabled GPS tracker to track wildlife? Well, as it turns out, such endeavor can be very costly as one Polish nature group Grupa EkoLogiczna found out. When we said “costly,” we do not mean the cost of the hardware; it the cost of the associated mobile bill. Under normal circumstances, the transmission of GPS signal does not cost much, but in Grupa EkoLogiczna case, the SIM card was swiped and used to make phone calls amounting to 10,000 Zloty (about US$2,654). Now, that’s a real holy shit right there.

The GPS device was attached to the back of a stork named Kajtka since April 2017 when it made a stopover in Poland. After getting its high-tech backpack, Kajtka went about its routine, going places like a stork would. Then on April 26 this year, it was observed that the signal went on a short 16 mile trip before going completely silence. Subsequently in June, the organization was handed a shocking mobile phone bill associated with Kajtka. According to Grupa EkoLogiczna, Kajtka may have died and the tracker on it was stolen by someone.

Whoever did the deed took apart the tracker to retrieve the SIM card and used it to catch up with friends from all over the world without the need to pay a dime. If you ask me, that person was probably a guy and he had been using all on porn calls to rack up that kind of money. Heck. I would even said the person even rent it out to others in return for some miserable fee. And yes, it was definitely a person who abused the SIM. Surely, it can’t be Kajtka who had been making those calls before deciding to bail out being tracked my humans, right? Last checked, stork and all other animals, in general, don’t know how use a phone and there are no known animals that own a mobile phone.

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Man, this has to be the weirdest thing we have heard all day.

Image: Grupa EkoLogiczna.

via The Register.