MUD A Scandalous Card Game by Pillbox Games

It is no secret that politic is a dirty game. Even so, you probably can’t help but think you could do better. Like, you know, winning an American presidential election. It should be easy, you thought.

MUD A Scandalous Card Game by Pillbox Games

Well, thinking and imagination gets you nowhere. It is only after you have been dragged through the mud and then you will know if you have what it takes. And dragging the the mud is what MUD: A Scandalous Card Game will probably get you into.

In simple terms, MUD is a game which 2-6 players vie for the world’s most powerful position. Yes. The POTUS! Imagine that.

MUD A Scandalous Card Game by Pillbox Games

The good thing is, you need not to bow down to billionaires to fund your campaign. Neither do you need to put yourself through barrage of campaigns and risks catching the coronavirus.

Instead, you can do it in the comfort of your home with a bottle of Corona beer in your hand. Cigar is entirely optional and so is hugging the American flag. Here’s the official description of the game:

“MUD is a strategy card game about corruption and deception in American elections. It features original, political Americana artwork, and allusions to real scandals.”

MUD A Scandalous Card Game by Pillbox Games

Pillbox Games, the company behind MUD, added that MUD is “perfect for casual to serious gamers. No political knowledge necessary.”

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It is recommended for ages 14 and up and each game takes between 20-40 minutes to play. Perfect for keeping the lot at home while putting your theory of political deception to the test if it will get you the top job in the country.

You can learn more about MUD: A Scandalous Card Game over at Kickstarter where you can also pick up the game as a pre-order for US$25 or more. Continue reading to find the product pitch video.

Images: Pillbox Games.

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