Are you a big fan of Pokémon who have yet gotten into the TWS? If your answer is yes, then you may want to muster up your contacts in China because, over there, they have this: Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds.

Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds

The Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds is essentially the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds in Pikachu yellow and instead of the usual three-headed snake logo that adorns the end of the earbuds, it has an image of the Pikachu’s back.

That’s not it. The voice prompts are now Pikachu’s voice… in Chinese, obviously. But clearly, the yellow Hammerhead and Pikachu voice are not why mega Pokémon fans will want this special edition earbuds.

Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds

It is the charging case which is now Pokéball, instead of boring old black case. I know what you are thinking. Wouldn’t a ball case roll all over a flat surface? Well, thankfully, it has a reasonable small flat bottom, so it will stay put as it should.

In addition, the front button lights up too, in different color to indicate the battery status. By the virtue of magnets, the earbuds of the Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS will snap onto their charging ports.

Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds
Pikachu earbuds joins the two previous Razer x Pokémon products: Razer Pikachu PC peripherals and the Pikachu Atheris gaming mouse.

The product page cheeky reminds Pokémon trainer do not attempt to throw this Pokéball because of the obvious

This being a Hammerhead, expect it to come with features like 13 mm driver, IPX4 rated construction, Bluetooth 5.0, 60 ms low latency, passive noise reduction silicone earbuds, and a 3 hours of use and a total of 15 hours with the charging case.

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The Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds will go on sale for 999 yuan (or around US$142) on Tmall starting April 16, 2020.

Razer x Pokémon Pikachu TWS Earbuds

Images: Weibo (@Razer雷蛇).

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