Last month, one man in China went viral for a baby carrier pod he created to bring his baby around during the pandemic. Inspired by the Hideo Kojima’s video game, Death Stranding, Cao Junjie built a baby carrier pod that has an air purification system to feed purified air to the baby in a modified cat-carrier.

It is not as simple as sealable pod that feeds air into the pod. It has an air-quality monitor with a display that detail the critical parameters including the level of carbon dioxide inside the pod.

There’s a special entry with glove, just like those you find in research lab, that allows the parents to comfort the baby without opening the pod.

It is a brilliant idea, except that we heard air purifier won’t do shit in keeping viruses like novel coronavirus out. Then again, a barrier is always better than having none at all, right? Here, have a look at the video to learn more.

Images: YouTube (South China Morning Post).

Source: boing boing.

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