Ladies who carry a tote bag will understand the eternal frustration of fishing things out from the seemingly deep abyss of a tote bag. With the Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag, however, it won’t be the case – thanks to the integrated, automatic interior light that lights up when you open the bag.

Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag

From here on and out, let there be light when you are retrieving objects from your bag. And you will need that for Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag has quite some appetite for contents. Thankfully, JustRight Organizational Spaces will have them covered, including non-scratch pockets for your phone, sunglasses and more.

There’s a handy cosmetic push within for all your makeup gear, a non-spill bottle loop to keep your water bottle/thermos upright and within reach and with a detachable key loop, you will never have to fumble for the keys, ever.

Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag

Rounding up the feature list are a space for a 13-inch MacBook, SecureMe warning system that sounds an alarm if anyone tries to peek into your bag, high-end SBS zippers, magnetic closures, protective bottom rivets, EverPower Mobile Device Charging with easy-access charging slot, an inch wide shoulder strap and finally, a luxury full-gran leather construction as used by Europe’s most prestigious luxury brands.

Oh, wait. Did we mention that it is also a backpack? Yup. You can carry it as a backpack or a sling bag too? It totally can.

Each Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag includes ForeverFresh perfume pods that are replaceable, hideaway in a discreet compartment, to keep the bag smelling fresh without getting in the way.

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If you are sold by the feature list (why wouldn’t anyone???), you can pre-order the Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag on Indiegogo in the next 18 days or so for $239. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in November 2020.

Images: Nalphi.

Source: Yanko Design.

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