Good and bad news for fans of Razer and Pokémon. The good news is, Razer has added a new Pokémon collab gaming mouse. The bad news? Like last year’s Razer x Pokémon PC peripherals, it is only available in China.

Anywho, this time, gaming mouse to get the Pikachu treatment is the Razer Atheris. Like the previous Pikachu-themed Deathadder, Atheris is given the Pikachu yellow, along with red accents on the scroll wheel and side buttons.

Razer x Pokemon Pikachu Atheris Mouse

However, instead of the lighted Pikachu lightning, Pikachu face now appears on the palm region. Cute, but honestly, I would very much prefer the lightning symbol. I love a touch cuteness, but a face on it is just way too cute for my liking. Well, not that I can get my hands on one… Razer x Pokémon Pikachu Atheris Mouse sells for 499 yuan in China (which works to around $72).

Images: Razer China [CH].


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