Do you know, you actually DIY a digital camera at home? Sean Hodgins certainly did. Sean made a fully functional digital camera, complete with a DIY image sensor, an OLED display, shutter button and storage card slot.

Wait, what? You can do that!??? Well, apparently, it is totally possible, albeit having a resolution of mere 32 by 32 pixels. But yeah, it totally works and for some reasons, it feels even wilder than the man who put together an iPhone from parts available in the market and the previous literal potato cameras.

I guess you can acknowledge Sean’s DIY digital camera as the pinhole camera of the 21st century. But it is not quite a pinhole camera like the Colin Lowe’s potato pinhole camera. It is more like the potato camera outfitted with an actual camera lens like Corridor Digital had made. In any case, we are totally impressed.

Here, have a look at how Sean did it:

Images: YouTube (SeanHodgins).

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