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iRock Rocking Chair Blue
iRock Rocking Chair | about €1,300 |

admit it: you do love to laze on a rocking chair while you surf or read with your iPad all day, don’t you? however, you gram’s rocking chair wouldn’t suit a geek like you. what you need is the iRock Rocking Chair, a rocking chair that generates power to charged up your iPad while you rock away, ensuring that the pad is constantly juiced for the long rocking day ahead. the chair features a generator that translates the rocking motion into useful electrical current for you device via a couple of gears and a belt, a discreetly integrated dock for your iPad that blends in with the chair’s aesthetic and a pair of speakers located on the head rest portion of the chair for your audio enjoyment. we can already see that we would be needing this when we get old, assuming Apple don’t change their docking connector design in another 20 to 30 years time. in the meantime, geeky grams might be interested in this rocking chair too and oh, the power generated from the rocking motion also powers the speakers as well. pretty neat, huh? expected to creep into the market sometime late 2013, the iRock Rocking Chair will be marketed by Micasa Lab with an estimate price tag of around €1,300 or about US$1,650) a piece. when available, you will have a choice of five colors: white, black, green, blue or red to choose from. click through for a few more few views, including a couple of closeups.

Micasa Lab via Laughing Squid via Gizmag

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