The Voyager Outdoor Chair and Cooler Hybrid

The backpack/field chair hybrid may be perfect for a picnic, but that might be a Japanese thing. For the good’ol Americans, you probably just need a good seat and a cooler. Because, there’s nothing like sipping on a cold one at the top of a mountain. And a seat and a cooler are what The Voyager has to offer.

The Voyager Outdoor Chair and Cooler Hybrid

The Voyager is an outdoor recreational chair with a detachable cooler stuck under it, resulting in a single, easy-to-carry outdoor adventure package. And mind you. This ain’t the usual field chair that breaks down after a few times of use. This thing is built to last with, believe or not, aesthetics that fit for even your home.

The Voyager features a robust frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum, bamboo armrests, and 60 mm woven polyester fabric webbing that will not discolor or weaken when exposed to sun.

The Voyager Outdoor Chair and Cooler Hybrid

The beautifully integrated, detachable cooler is capable of holding ice for over 8 hours and comes with 4 exterior zipper pockets for your EDC.

The Voyager further boasts straps for carrying it as a backpack, shoulder bag, or as a cross body satchel while the folding design doubles as extra storage when on-the-move. All these make it the perfect single package when you want to leave your base camp for the peak to chill out.

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Speaking of chilling out… an ergonomic design with the right height and angle offers a comfortable seat and an interchangeable cup holder that fits either side of the chair, with cutouts for cans, insulated water bottles, and coffee mugs, ensure your beverage of choice is always within reach.

If you are enamored by the idea, you may want to consider pick up The Voyager Outdoor Chair and Cooler Hybrid as a pre-order on Kickstarter. Prices range from US$149 to US$162, depending on how soon you act on it.

There’s a catch here, though. It won’t be delivered March 2021. Then again, with this pandemic having no end in sight, I guess the wait is no biggie.

Update [September 14, 1833 Hours, PST] The campaign for this product has ended, but you can find out more about this awesome outdoor gear over at the company’s website HERE. Be sure to check it out.

Images: PARKIT Movement.