If a good shower is as important as everything else in your life, then perhaps you will want to take a look at a new kind of shower coming from Japan’s leading showerhead maker, Mizsei Manufacturing.

Mizsei Manufacturing Microbubble Shower

The design of Mizsei Microbubble Shower, as it is called, is fantastic. No surprise here, as Mizsei Microbubble Shower was the winner of Japan’s Good Design Award.

As far as performance goes, this newest innovation in showerhead design promised to deep clean you so good that you can ditch your shampoo.

Mizsei Manufacturing Microbubble Shower

Mizsei Microbubble Shower is capable of delivering 920 million microbubbles per second (!!!) and offers 1.6x greater spray coverage over its competitions – all while saving you around 6,868 gallons of water per year (about 30 percent over its competitions and up to $200 in utility bills per year).

If those three reasons, plus the fact that it looks so dope, won’t persuade you take the dive with Mizsei Microbubble Shower, I don’t what will.

Oh, wait. It’s the price, huh? US$199 is indeed premium for a showerhead, but if shower is a key in your life, it may just be worth the dough.

Of course, there’s more to Mizsei’s microbubble technology. We shall leave it to you to explore the details over at its Indiegogo campaign.

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All images courtesy of Mizsei Manufacturing [JP].

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