depending on how you carry your writing implements, portability could be a pointy issue, such as ink-stained pockets, pen breaking through pocket and unsightly protrusion while in the front pockets of you jeans that could also hinder freedom of movement like squatting. while solutions exist in the form of smaller pens, retractible item and such, they are mostly done at the expense of the integrity of the pen which somehow don’t feel whole anymore (read: frail). with the D180 Folding Pen, it solves the portability issues once and for all, while still offers you a complete solid pen that is tough as nails. whoever says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? in this case, the D180 lets you swallow the cake whole.

as the name implies, getting the pen down to a compact, portable size is by the way folding and a unique over-center cam system ensures that the pen stays open or close. an automatic mechanism is place enables extending and retracting of the writing tip when the pen is unfolded and folded, respectively. as tough as it maybe, it still floats in water and has a small storage container at the top half of the barrel for stashing tiny essentials, but do note that what goes inside this tiny storage space may affect the floatation of the pen. the D180 Folding Pen comes in choice of colors, including black, blue, pink, orange, and yellow, and is available through the product’s Kickstarter campaign page for 49 Canadian dollars (about US$47).

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if you are feeling a little snazzy, there’s also an aluminum/nylon blend going for $95 CAD. at the time of writing, 3D Printed Concepts, the folks behind this awesome foldable pen, only ships to five countries which includes Canada, USA, UK, Australia, as well as New Zealand. so international buyers, take note.

Kickstarter via Gear Hungry

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