Adidas Steps Into the Future with 3D Printed Custom Midsole Footwear

Folks, the future is here! Soon, you will be able wear a pair of 3D printed footwear custom to your feet. Well, almost. Actually, it is not quite a full 3D printed shoes per se; just the midsole will be 3D printed, but it will 100% custom designed for your feet. Using both existing data […]

This Alien-Like Object is Actually a 3D-Printed 2-string Piezoelectric Violin

The good news is, aliens have yet to invade us and this alien-like thing is actually a 3D-printed 2-string piezoelectric violin that is very much an Earthy object. Phew. So there is no cause for alarm, yet. Jokes aside, this out-of-this-world musical instrument, a 2-string electric violin, if you haven’t figured that out, is the […]

This Honeycomb-like Structure Might Be The Apartment Humans Will Be Staying On The Red Planet

whether in fact Mars is habitable is still a question that remains to be answered. regardless, that doesn’t stop some of us from dreaming about the possibility, and by ‘some of us’, we are referring to NASA. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has partnered with MakerBot to initiate a challenge for the 3D printing and […]

The D180 Folding Pen

depending on how you carry your writing implements, portability could be a pointy issue, such as ink-stained pockets, pen breaking through pocket and unsightly protrusion while in the front pockets of you jeans that could also hinder freedom of movement like squatting. while solutions exist in the form of smaller pens, retractible item and such, they are mostly done at the expense of