we have seen countless minimalist wallets, but the SLIMplistic Wallet by MSTRMND Collective here doesn’t claims to be one, cos’ it is, well, just a simplistic wallet that is not only handy, but also easy to use. handcrafted in the USA from the finest Italian leather and custom elastic, the SLIMplistic Wallet is only a tad larger than a credit card and measures 1/8 of an inch thick. it might be compact, but thanks to the elastic element, it is totally capable of holding anything from a single card to up to 10 cards, plus cash, receipts and even your house key. and it as something most minimal wallet doesn’t: a thoughtful, easy to access thumb slot that you access your frequently card at a flick of a thumb. and when you done with it, chuck it in your pocket and it won’t leave an embarrassing bulge in your jeans, so can go ahead and slip on your favorite skinny and still have your wallet close with you – in the pocket and not in your hands.

the SLIMplistic Wallet also stands out as one ‘minimal’ wallet that keeps your card completely away and it actually has two compartments, separated by a durable utility nylon fabric. the SLIMplistic is perhaps among the rare few minimal wallet that has separate slots which will certainly comes in handy when it comes to organizing your belongings. you can get it from Kickstarter (up to December 02, 2013) for just $28 a pop. speaking of Kickstarter, the SLIMplistic Wallet probably has the simplest campaign reward levels we have seen thus far, which kind of echoes the product’s ethos of simplicity. so do check them out if you are in the market for new wallet. but before you do that, why not check out a no frill pitch video below?

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