MSTR LINX Makes Linking Key Rings As Easy As Chinese Linking Rings

Slotting in keys into traditional key rings is arguably one of the world’s minute but no less daunting task. But thanks to ingenious folks like Zootility Tools and Free-Key Press-To-Open Key Ring, it has been easier. And now, there is an even easier and sleeker way and it is called MSTR LINK Ti Carabiner Key …

SLIMplistic Wallet by MSTRMND Collective

we have seen countless minimalist wallets, but the SLIMplistic Wallet by MSTRMND Collective here doesn’t claims to be one, cos’ it is, well, just a simplistic wallet that is not only handy, but also easy to use. handcrafted in the USA from the finest Italian leather and custom elastic, the SLIMplistic Wallet is only a tad larger than a credit card and measures 1/8 of an inch thick.