bring your iPhone to life with the Romo App-controlled Robotic Pet for iOS Devices and it could be a pet you never know, a trusty long distance communication device with your family and friends, and basically, let you have fun. using your iPhone, the Romo is the telepresence robot you can own without breaking the bank. parents can use Romo to communicate with their children at home through video calls and maneuver the Romo remote via WiFi from a web browser, and follow them around the house, whether they are in the next room or thousand of miles away. for parents who are away from their children, Romo lets them feel closer with their children by opening up the channel of interaction, made possible by telepresence.

of course, the Romo is more than just a conference or telepresence tool, it has its own personality too and will react to people and the events around him (actually, we should really refer it as ‘it’). it is design to be trained, to learn new abilities and also a host of other tricks that have your kids (or even yours) entertainment and learning needs covered. actually, the original Romo App-controlled Robotic Pet for iOS Devices has been in the market a while now, but if you have not got around getting one of these little guys, it is available exclusively from Brookstone (up till end of 2013) in exchange for $150 of your money. the Romo App-controlled Robotic Pet is available for various iOS devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, as well as 4th generation iPod touch. a little product promo video awaits after the break.

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