This DIY Telepresence Robot Will Turn Its Head As The Other Party Does So

Germany-based maker Lenny3000 who brought us the wearable device that augments the face is back with a self-developed, DIY telepresence robot. Telepresence is not new, obviously. However, Lenny3000’s creation is worth mentioning in this unprecedented time where most of us can’t go visit our family as often as we may have liked.

With PadBot T1, Your Smartphone Is Also A Telepresence Robot

Calling itself a Tiny Robotic Avatar, PadBot T1 is the latest telepresence robot from Juppi Tech. The goal behind PadBot T1 is pretty much what all telepresence robots strive to do: let you remotely roam your home when you are away, so you can satisfy your curiosity about various things like what’s fido doing, did …

Wall-E’s EVE-like Robot Wants To Be The World’s First Family Robot

since the birth of science fiction on silverscreen mankind has dreamt of robot companion that will keep us company, help us in our daily chores and more, and that dream is about to realize – thanks to MIT professor and social robotics specialist, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal. Dr. Breazeal’s team has developed to Jibo, a family-friendly …

Romo App-controlled Robotic Pet for iOS Devices

bring your iPhone to life with the Romo App-controlled Robotic Pet for iOS Devices and it could be a pet you never know, a trusty long distance communication device with your family and friends, and basically, let you have fun. using your iPhone, the Romo is the telepresence robot you can own without breaking the bank.