there is a new bike name in the market and no, we didn’t make a mistake; it is in fact the same British marque more notable for track cars, or more accurately put, open wheel cars that sometimes feel more like a motorcycle than a car. so i guess it is a natural progression for the folks at Caterham to turn out some two-wheelers too, more so when the brand has already taken a dip in the two-wheel world with its Caterham Moto Racing Team. fall under the newly formed Caterham Bikes division, three prototypes were introduced, starting with Brutus 750, which is an off-road motorcycle described by Caterham as the “SUV of motorcycles”, a Classic E-Bike with a classic board racer styling, and a Carbon E-Bike inspired by “F1 technology”. the trio is slated roll off the production line as early as Spring 2014 and according to the company, will be “priced affordably”. the production will kick off with Brutus 750, followed the two electric bikes later in the year.

the lone engine-powered motorcycle, the Brutus 750, is set to be an all rounder with its ability to be a regular road bike, an off-road machine, or even a snowmobile, made possible by a conversion process that takes not more than four hours. the bike’s 750cc single-pod, liquid-cooled is mated to a CVT automatic gearbox, offering the fun of riding on and off-road riding, but with the ease of operation as you would experience with the twist-and-go scooter. initiate specs include extra knobby off-road tires, from upside down hydraulic telescopic fork, single shock setup at the rear, disc brakes front and back with 4-pod calipers, and an electric start system. the first of the two electric bikes, the Classic E-bike is build around an aluminum frame and fitted with a 250 watt brushless motor with torque sensor which is fueled by a Panasonic 36v 12AH lithium battery, in addition to the traditional pedals. features include Shimano Nexus 3 Speed, disc and roller brakes, LED dashboard with essential information, including range, and a 3-position adjustable seat.

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the Carbon E-Bike shares the same electric motor and pretty much the same equipment as the Classic E-Bike, but has a more off-road, mountain bike built to it. apart from aesthetics, differentiating features of the Carbon E-Bike include a carbon-aluminum frame, disc brakes front and back, as well as a Shimano Nexus 8 Speed gear. well, these are what we know for now. more information such as engine power, electric drive range and so on, should be available in time to come. in the mean time, you might want to check out a few more larger views in the gallery below.

Caterham Bikes via Autoblog

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