Can pocket knives ever be ‘high-tech’? Probably not. Hell, they don’t ever look high-tech anyways. But that’s until now. Everyone, meet the Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife. A decidedly high-tech looking piece of EDC that any futurist, knife collector will not want to miss.

Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife

Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife is unlike anything we have seen thus far. It looks it could have been a prop from some sci-fi movies. The multi-layered design gave it depth not yet seen in pocket knives. And yes. This thing is a pocket knife.

It is an exoblade-style knife, featuring a samurai sword-inspired M390 tanto steel blade with dual cutting edges for different cutting scenarios.

Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife

It has a handle made of hypoallergenic duraluminum (aka duralumin) with a special finger ring that lets you use it to things like depress doorbell, lift buttons and more, to prevent direct contact with potential germ-laden surfaces.

Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife offers to way of opening: manual pushing out the blade, or in true cyberpunk style, revealing the blade with inertia through flicking action. A locking mechanism ensure the blade stays open as it should.

Finally, the word ‘cyberpunk’ engraved on the side in Japanese language. Each Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife is individually numbered and limited to just 2077 units (though not affiliated to the game Cyberpunk 2077).

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Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife is a fully funded Kickstarter campaign which has around 12 days left on the calendar. So, if you want one, you may have to act quick to secure a unit for a pledge of $159 or more.

All images courtesy of RoboRazor Studio.

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