We challenge you to grind pepper with one hand. Oh, you can’t? Actually, you can – if you have the Ortwo Pepper Grinder. Pepper grinder is a widely used kitchen gadget and yet, it’s design remain largely unchanged for decades. Well, that is until now.

Ortwo One-Handed Pepper Grinder

Ortwo, from Dreamfarm, looks a bit like the exercise hand-grippers and function pretty much like it too. What this means is, you can start grinding away by simply squeezing the two handles with one hand. Why one hand? Well, that is because, doing things that usually requires two hands with just one hand is cool.

Ortwo One-Handed Pepper Grinder

But really, it is more than a new, cool solution to grinding pepper, it is versatile and touts a few other neat features. Features include a unibody construction, corrosion-free ceramic conical burr grinder, wide mouth borosilicate glass jar with 4 fl oz (60 ml) capacity, 6 grind settings from coarse to dust, crumb-catching lip, and handles with ogive profile for a versatile grip, be it overhand, underhand, in one hand or two like a pair of garden shears.

Ortwo One-Handed Pepper Grinder

It comes in a choice of varnished beechwood paired to chrome-plated diecast zinc unibody or nylon handle with nylon unibody housing. Ortwo Pepper Grinder was successfully funded Kickstarter campaign from the creator of Nutella Spatula, the Levoons, and the Levoop, and it a crowdfunded product, it won’t be in the market until after the orders from backers are fulfilled in March 2019. So, earliest you will see this in the market will be March or after.

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As for the price… the Kickstarter price was $24-42 for the Ortwo Lite or Ortwo and if my math did not fail me, the eventual retail price for it should be $30-50.

Ortwo One-Handed Pepper Grinder

Ortwo One-Handed Pepper Grinder

Images: Dreamfarm.

Animated GIF and source: Yanko Design.

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