Razer x Pokemon PC Peripherals

Gamers in China who have a thing for Pokémon are in for treat. Razer has partnered with Nintendo to release a couple of Pokémon PC gaming peripherals, starring Pikachu, in China.

The collection includes a Pikachu gaming keyboard and a Pikachu mouse and mouse pad set.

The mouse pad is pretty straight forward. It’s in yellow with the image of the adorable Pikachu, along with the branding of Razer and Pokémon.

Razer x Pokemon PC Peripherals

The mouse is in yellow too but with red accents on the scroll wheel and buttons. In place of the usual triple-headed snake logo on a Razer mouse, it gets a Pikachu’s lighting-shaped tail.

As for the keyboard, it is predominantly yellow with some pretty cool Pokémon/Pikachu touches.

For starter, the Escape key gets a Pokéball keycap. Plus the arrows on the directional keys are replaced with Pikachu’s tail. Super cool.

Finally, the integrated black wrist rest has images of playful Pikachus and Pokéball debossed on it.

Razer x Pokemon PC Peripherals

The Razer x Pokémon PC Peripherals are exclusive to the China market and they will be sold through Taobao online marketplace.

The Razer Pikachu keyboard will sell for 699 yuan (US$99) while the Razer Pikachu mouse and mouse pad set is priced at 399 yuan (US$56). We heard pre-order prices are 100 yuan cheaper.

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Images: Razer China [CH].

Source: Nintendo Soup.