You know how is it with wearing a face mask. More often than not, we feel like we are not being heard when we speak. Perhaps understanding this nagging issue, Japanese company Donut Robotics have developed a new kind of “smart face mask” that works with your phone to ensure you are heard.

Donut Robotics c-mask High-tech Face Mask

Unlike Bane’s mask, this high-tech face called “c-mask” won’t further muffle your voice. Designed to be worn over your regular face mask, c-mask will in fact amplify your voice so you will be heard loud and clear. Moreover, c-mask has the ability to translate Japanese into eight other languages.

Donut Robotics c-mask High-tech Face Mask

The high-tech smart face mask works with your smartphone over Bluetooth, allowing you to make calls. It will even transcribe your speech into text messages too. Now, that’s a high-tech mask Bane would probably wish he had.

Donut Robotics will reserve the first 5,000 units for local buyers, i.e. Japanese residents, with shipping expected to commence in September. The Donut Robotics c-mask High-tech Face Mask will sell for 3,980 yen (or around US$37).

Donut Robotics c-mask High-tech Face Mask

Images: Donut Robotics.

Source: Freshness.

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