In the face of the shortage of mask due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, China’s ‘useless Edison’ has created a stainless steel mask/breathing apparatus. ‘Useless Edison’ goes by his Weibo handle shou gong geng (手工耿 – loosely translate as handcraft specialist) makes all sort of wacky stuff.

His latest creation is a DIY stainless steel mask that not only keeps dust and (possibly) virus out, but also supplies oxygen from a “little tank” (which, as you can see, isn’t quite “little”) to the wearer.

DIY Oxygen Breathing Stainless Steel Mask

It is fun project not to be taken too seriously (like some Internet folks did). I mean, surely those pipes and the rubber seal aren’t medical grade, right? In any case, it is a good attempt and possibly save him the agony of coming down with viral infection.

Also, if you don’t feel the current situation apocalyptic enough, perhaps seeing someone wearing this walking down the streets will make it feel like so. Damn, this creation somehow reminds me of the Netflix original movie, Io.

Images: Weibo (手工耿).

Source: YouTube (South China Morning Post).

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