Classic LEGO Solo Trainer Airplane Turned Into A Flying RC Aircraft

LEGO bricks can build wonders, including an assortment of aircrafts, but have you ever thought about this: are those aircrafts aerodynamically sounds for them to take to the skies? I bet you didn’t think much about it. Well, me neither, but one dude by the name of Adam Woodworth, AKA ajw61185 (the same person behind the Nerf ball-shooting RC A-10), not only pondered about this lesser asked question, but took it upon himself to put it to the test. But there’s a twist here: Woodworth did not make bricks fly; instead, he build a large replica of his favorite childhood LEGO airplane set called Solo Trainer.

Mostly made out of foam, the preferred material of choice of most RC enthusiasts, and the result is a strangely alluring upsized Solo Trainer that I can’t take my eyes off and even more so when it started flying. Little is known about this little big guy, except for those we have already mentioned, and maybe the obviously, like it is powered by two prop motors and also, it actually has the requite ailerons and elevator. Though, initially things did not go the way Woodworth would have liked. In other words, like any first creation, it did have its fair share of crash (due to motor failure, we read) – a pretty nasty one, I must say, but nevertheless, Adam persevered and with 8-100 hours put into it, this huge-ass Solo Trainer flew beautifully eventually, thus giving aerodynamic the middle finger (or something like that).

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Like I said, I am absolutely captivated by a flying LEGO airplane, albeit it not being an actual LEGO set. Still, it was quite a sight.

Have a look of it in action below, followed by a Flitetest interview with Adam.

Image and source via Technabob.