From the folks who brought to you the handsome, intelligent charger ASMO, comes yet another beautiful charging solution called Mr. Charger. The thing about today’s chargers is, they are pretty unimpressive. Even the best looking adapters that came out of Apple can be quite mundane. But with Mr. Charge, it brings fun to charging and it looks cool while doing so because, Mr. Charger is almost like a person, a charging butler, if you will. Though it does not promised any smart features, it does promised a design flair like no other. Looking at Mr. Charger, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone loaded with creativity juice has penned it.

Mr. Charger by Eero Aarnio Is The World’s First Designer Charger

True enough, Mr. Charger is designed by Finland renowned designer Eero Aarnio. Yes. That Eero Aarnio. The man most famously recognized for the ball chair. With Mr. Charger, Eero Aarnio took an entirely different approach, resulting in a charger that seems to have a cheerful personality of its own. Aesthetically, the charger gets a pair of lower limbs that allows it to stand on its own, and it appears to have a big smile and a twinkly eyes that beckon one to pick it up. To some extend, it blends in with your decorative stuff that you may have in your possession, which kind brings warm to an otherwise cold gadget accessory.

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Mr. Charger by Eero Aarnio Is The World’s First Designer Charger

On the performance end, it draws in 100-240V and spits out 5V 3A through its USB-C port to charge your device, and it does so while putting charging safety first. Obviously, Mr. Charger is not those novel chargers that one may find in some Asia’s night market. This thing is designed to perform, safely, and most importantly, last. In fact, ASMO is so confident that it is giving those who pre-order on Indiegogo a lifetime warranty. This means, if god forbids, anything goes wrong with it, they will replace it for you, free-of-charge. If you are sold by the idea, you can pre-order it on Indiegogo for $34. Skip head for the product pitch video to learn more.

Mr. Charger by Eero Aarnio Is The World’s First Designer Charger

Images: ASMO.

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