Nike Air Force 1 and Roshe Soles iPhone Cases

Fans of Nike line of Air Force 1 and Roshe kicks will be delighted to know that you can have the iconic outsole designs of the respective sneakers right next to your ear – thanks to Nike for turning the outsole designs into protective cases for iPhone 7. Now, we all know the soles of any pair of kicks are designed for traction, or grip, but we are not sure if this 100% thermoplastic polyurethane iteration will improve your grip on your precious device. It does look rad though, especially the Air Force 1 version. As with any good case, these new Nike cases for iPhone 7 are designed to give your the protection it need and in the case of the thermoplastic polyurethane, it is said to be impact resistant (to what extend, it is unknown) and resistant to scratches.

Nike Air Force 1 and Roshe Soles iPhone Cases

Though we wouldn’t worry much about the latter, since after all, it is an outsole which means it is meant to be stepped on and it wears its ruggedness as a badge of honor, but really, don’t literally step on your device. If you know what I mean. Also, access to all buttons and ports remain unhindered as your lovely iPhone 7 stay cosy and safe within these beautiful cases. As for colorways, Air Force 1 variety comes in blue only, while Roshe case gets the choice of crimson or green. Pricing is expected of a branded case, and in this case, you are looking at $35 a pop.

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Available as we speak from In case you are wondering, Nike isn’t the first shoe maker to put outsole designs on an iPhone case; Vans was among the very first and to be honest, I very much prefer Vans because its signature waffle sole is truly iconic.

Air Force 1? Not so much.

Nike Air Force 1 and Roshe Soles iPhone Cases

Images: Nike Inc.

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