Vans The Original Phone Case

Vans The Original Phone Case - white (L); pink (R)
Vans The Original Phone Case | US$28.00 |

when it comes to a pair of sneakers, the only thing that comes between you and the ground is the sole, which essentially makes grip as the basic criteria for a good pair of kicks. a pair sneakers that boost an excellent grip is not only good for the wearer but that grippy sole might be just as good for an iPhone case. speaking of which, that is exactly what Vans did for the Vans The Original Phone Case, a flexible rubber case that has a replica of Vans’ signature gum rubber waffle sole for its back, a red heel-tag replica on the lower left, a toe cap replica on the top, and Vans logo stamped on the inside of the case. to be honest, we are not sure if the sole’s grip has anything to do with a phone case grip but one thing for sure is, this case looks really dope. awesome. fantastic or whatever you use to describe something that’s nice. anyway, like any good iPhone case, The Original Phone Case protects your iPhone while still giving you access to all the phone’s port and hard buttons, and as a bonus, this case is the closest thing you will ever get to using your shoes as a phone-in-disguise (hint: Get Smart). available in choice of black, white, or pink, the Vans The Original Phone Case can be yours for $28 a piece but if black is your choice, then you can get it for just $19 from The Fancy (that’s the only color they have for now). a few more larger views is available after the break to further convince you of its style factor.

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