In this digital age, is there still room for greeting cards? Probably, but greeting card’s relevance is diminishing. Except for the lack of tactile feel, what physical greeting card can do, can be achieved by a hassle-free digital card. At least, that’s my line of thought, until I came across The Magic Flying Butterfly. While some cards feature pop-ups to delight the recipient, this butterfly thing takes a step further: it sends a craft butterfly soaring into the air – up to 20 feet (about 6 meters), we heard, once the recipient opens the card. Now, that’s a surprise that will probably send hearts racing, but mostly because of a pleasant surprise (tho not if butterfly is monster to them).

Some call it a prank, but we call it a delightful surprise and the card, well, it doesn’t actually comes with a card. The magic lies in the rubber band-powered butterfly that you will need to pre-wind and inserted into the card of your choice before sending on its way to whoever you have in mind. So, you will still need to work some of your magic on the card’s end. It’d be something interesting so your recipient will not take it as a junk mail and dump it without opening. You can probably add something like, “Open this lovely card. What happens next will shock you!” Throw in a cute kitten image for good measure and wait for results.

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We noticed this product has been around for a quite a bit and while it maybe several years old, I think it remains relevant today because, it is a freaking flying (fake) butterfly! You grab this surprise flying butterfly for 9 bucks pop (for limited time, apparently).

Image: Hotoy via Alpha Bargain.

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