I am sure you have seen the super geeky, PCB Art moeco’s battery-free light-up iPhone cases at some point. If you have not, well, it is a regular phone case that has an Evangelion-themed (and other pop culture themes) PCB-style design with a light-up element powered solely by radio waves emitted by the phone it encases.

PCB Art moeco Evangelion Light-up iPhone 14 Cases

Obviously, this tech is not new. It has been around since Nokia’s days. But what makes moeco’s tech different is that it has an antenna circuit that “catches” the radio waves coming from the phone and an amplifying circuit to boost the converted electrical signal to allow it to power the LED on the case. This means it should not illuminate randomly whenever the device or devices around it emits strong radio waves.

Another stand-out feature is that it is designed using CAD for printed circuit boards (PCBs) with electronic components soldered on actual PCB boards before hand-coated with clear resin to protect them. Now, you can’t get any geekier than slapping a PCB board on your phone, can you?

PCB Art moeco Light-up iPhone has been around for years and in case you are wondering, it is RoHS compliant which means it is lead-free.

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PCB Art moeco has three new Evangelion-themed cases made for the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The three designs are FLASH EVA01, FLASH NERV, and FLASH EVA13. Each design is offered in three colors: black, green, and white. They are available now for 17,600 (around US$119) each from Moeco online store and Amazon Japan.

PCB Art moeco Evangelion Light-up iPhone 14 Cases

Images: PCB Art moeco [JP].

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