I don’t recall if G.I. Joe and NERF have ever collaborated before. If it never had, well, then it is a collaboration long overdue but it is finally happening. Folks, meet the NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster – just in time for the 40th Anniversary of G.I. Joe.

NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster

The real draw of the Real America Hero-themed blaster is, of course, the designs that grace the exterior which has not one but two designs, one on each side to suit your choice of allegiance.

On one side it has Cobra details and on the other, it has the G.I. Joe details. It is a nice touch to have both factions on one toy blaster but I cannot help but think the user of this blaster might be a double agent. Just saying…

The NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster is a fully motorized blaster with rapid-fire capability that can put 10 darts downrange in a row. It comes with a 10-dart removable clip and 10 NERF Elite foam darts to get you started. 4 D cells (not included) are required to power the blaster.

NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster

The NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster also includes an exclusive version of the #300 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic featuring special cover art by Dave Johnson. Finally, the blaster is presented in packaging that is open on both sides so that you can display either faction by flipping it around.

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The NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster is a Hasbropulse.com exclusive, available to order now for US$79.99.

Pre-orders will end on November 15, 2022. The product is expected to start shipping on August 01, 2023.

NERF LMTD G.I. Joe GI-40 Blaster

Images: Hasbro.

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