For those can’t hardly wait for the Cybertruck, you can get your fix for this polarizing geometric electric vehicle by with a LEGO model, craft one out of a piece of paper, or if you have a 3D printer at your disposal, you can print one scale model out of material of your choice.

Tesla Cybertruck 3D Printed Fan Model

Don’t thank me. Thank Thingiverse contributor, Brooklyn-based design thinker and maker, and Creative Director of Digital Products at MakerBot, Andrew Askedall aka aaskedall. aaskedall has created a 3D model of the Cybertruck which he has gladly share it on Thingiverse, so anyone with access to a decent 3D printer could have a desktop version of this radical pickup truck.

aaskedall’s model comes in seven parts, namely, body and chassis, two axles, and four wheels with tires. Obviously, you won’t get the exact model as Tesla Cybertruck, but I’d say it is as close as you can get for free (save for the filaments you need to buy to print the model).

Tesla Cybertruck 3D Printed Fan Model

It is worthy to note that, depending on your 3D printer and your skill level with the 3D files, you may end up with a model that requires some paint job in order to look like the real deal. I am sanding is also required to get a smooth surface.

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There’s actually two versions. One new hollowed version was uploaded in late November 2019 for those who want to mount the model on the chassis of their choosing. Sounds like an RC Tesla Cybertruck in the making? Oh, wait. As a matter of fact, someone had already done it.

Images: Thingiverse (aaskedall).

Source: Technabob.

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