Here’s another piece of Medicom Toy news that may be of an interest to photography enthusiasts. No, Medicom is not making a camera, but it is a Bearbrick (stylized as [email protected]) collectible figure in the unmistakable Leica camera iconography.

Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure

The image of a modern rangefinder decorates the main torso of the BE[email protected] figure. Like the camera, the figure has a black/silver colorway with a hint of red offered by the Leica branding.

The Leica Bearbrick will be offered in three sizes: 100% (about 70 mm), 400% (about 280 mm), and 1000% (around 700 mm). As with before, the former two are offered as a set.

Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure

However, unlike many of [email protected] collabs, this Leica collab has a super cool extra. The 100% and 400% set will ship with an “exclusive” Leica camera strap and a “multifunctional camera bag.”

The bag lets you carry the beloved Leica-themed Bearbrick around – if that’s what you want to do. In addition, the bag can also fit a Leica M system camera fitted with “some lenses”.

Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure

Apparently, this is the first Bearbrick that comes with a dedicated sling bag. We have no doubt this will up the collectability of the 100% and 400% set.

Now, the good and bad news. Yes, the Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure is something money can buy, but it is a China exclusive. This could be a major bummer for collectors.

If that’s not enough of an obstacle, perhaps the asking price will be. The 100% and 400% will sell for 12,800 yuan (approximately US$1,980) and the 1000% will command a mind-bending 25,000 yuan which works out to be around US$3,868, based on today’s going rate.

Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure

Images: Leica via Weibo (NOWRE现客) [CH].

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