PowerUp Toys F22 Raptor RC Airplane Kit

PowerUp Toys, the company that realized controlled flight for a paper airplane, is back with another non-paper airplane RC toy. This time, it is an aircraft that will get military aircraft enthusiasts and aeronautics fans all excited: the Lockheed Martin F22 Raptor.

PowerUp Toys F22 Raptor RC Airplane Kit

The F22 Raptor is a remote-controlled foam kit designed by Josh Bixler and made by Flite Test in the good’ol US of A, and it is officially licensed by Lockheed Martin. The kit includes one laser-cut 3/16” white Maker Foam sheet, quick-connect parts for connecting foam balsa, cardboard wings, and a POWERUP 4.0 twin motor Bluetooth module.

So, yeah, it is presented as a kit, and so assembly is required. It is worth noting that it takes more than snapping the parts together. It will require adhesive such as scotch tape and/or a hot glue gun.

PowerUp Toys F22 Raptor RC Airplane Kit

But when you are done putting it together, it promised a simple-to-fly experience – thanks to the onboard flight computer with autopilot, gyro stabilizer, and accelerometer with fly-by-wire capability. It also supports flight telemetry statistics which are displayed on the companion app.

The new F22 Raptor RC Airplane Kit powered by POWERUP 4.0 can be had now for US$89.99.

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All images courtesy of PowerUp Toys.