a duo of QWERTY keyboard case for your iPhone

typing or poking on touchscreen without tactile feel can take away the fun of composing messages. agree? well, both ThinkGeek and Boxwave has a solution for us (the tactile-freaks): a QWERTY keyboard case for your iPhone. personally, i have used smartphone with slide out keyboard, and i liked the convenience (except for the added thickness to the phone). these add on physical keyboards are cleverly hidden and not only let you type but also act as a case for your iPhone.
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ThinkGeek TK-421 Keyboard Case
ThinkGeek TK-421 Keyboard Case 544px

(photo credit: thinkgeek.com) ThinkGeek TK-421 Keyboard Case | US$49.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

when installed, the iPhone look just like having a thicker case but when the lower portion is swiveled out, the QWERTY exposed itself and ready-to-type in landscape orientation . though the keyboard is physically attached to the iPhone, but connection between them is still via Bluetooth connectivity. this will means taxing on the already poor performing battery life. TK-421 is available for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. 3G user need not apply.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case
Boxwave Keyboard Case for iPhone 544px

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case | US$69.95 | www.boxwave.com
(photo credit: boxwave.com)

similar to the ThinkGeek item, except that this item from Boxwave has a slide out QERTY keyboard instead. when not in use, the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case also doubles up as an iPhone case. like the ThinkGeek item, though physically attached to the iPhone, connectivity is via Bluetooth – again might be taxing on the battery life of the iPhone. slide out keyboard has long been a common place with smartphone, so here’s an item that transform your iPhone into one, albeit being much thicker. but hey, you got the best of both worlds – protection and a QWERTY keyboard.

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