Remember the super geeky, super cool PCB Art Light Up Ultraman iPhone Case? Well, the company behind it, Electronic Technology Sale Co., has just revealed a line of Evangelion version. While Evangelion version isn’t new, what’s new is, the new collection is designed for the iPhone 12 and along with it, a new PCB Art design based on Evangelion 13 first seen in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

PCB Art moeco Evangelion Light-up iPhone Case

Available for iPhone 12/12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 mini and in a choice of circuit board green, black and white, the Flash EVA13 Board Art iPhone Case features an intricate PCB art design with a PCB image of Unit 13 in its four-arm mode.

As before, the case is equipped with a patented circuit that illuminates the 2 mm red LED on EVA-13’s chest, activated by radio waves. Eerie and awesome at the same time.

PCB Art moeco Evangelion Light-up iPhone Case

The PCB Art moeco Light-up iPhone Case, Flash EVA13, is available from Amazon Japan,, and with a starting price of 16,500 yen (around US$150). Given the price, you ought to be a super fan to want one.

PCB Art moeco Evangelion Light-up iPhone Case

Images: Electronic Technology Sale Co. [JP].

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